Speeding drivers causing mail problems for elderly man

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - An elderly Colleton County man said Friday the post office is refusing to deliver mail in front of his home because the mail carriers fear they will be struck by speeding cars.

Eighty two year old T.J. Roberts said when he first moved to Live Oak Street 12 years ago, he installed a mailbox across the road. But he eventually had some health problems.

"I had hip surgery and it's hard for me to walk across that road," Roberts said.

He said it was especially difficult with cars speeding in the 30 mile per hour zone around a curve that leads to his house.

"It's not safe for anybody to walk out on that road, it's too fast," said Roberts.

The post office came up with an idea for Roberts to put a mailbox at the front gate of his home.

"It was fine until yesterday," Roberts said.

The 82 year old found a note from his letter carriers in the mailbox by his gate.

The note read, "Due to safety concerns we will not be able to stop and put mail in the box across the street. Cars are coming too fast across the street, this was the last time."

"Very disappointed. They really threw me a curve when they said we can't do it anymore," said Roberts.

That meant Roberts would have to cross the road to get his mail.

"I have to get somebody to go across that road because I just don't move fast enough, to get out of the way of a car now," Roberts said.

We contacted the U.S. Postal Service to get an explanation. Spokesman Harry Spratlin said Roberts needs to contact the district office in Columbia and tell them he's a hardship case. Spratlin said officials may possibly reconsider their decision.

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