Beaufort man suing over stolen fire truck crash

Kalvin Hunt (Source: BCSO)
Kalvin Hunt (Source: BCSO)

BEAUFORT, S.C. (AP) - A Beaufort resident hurt in a crash involving a stolen fire truck is suing Beaufort and Port Royal, saying firefighters acted improperly when they left the truck running.

Resident Jonas Armstrong is also suing Kalvin Hunt. Police say the nude Marine ran from Beaufort's Navy hospital and took a Port Royal fire truck while firefighters were on a medical call.

Hunt has been charged with murder and grand larceny. Police say he rammed several vehicles and killed 28-year-old Justin Miller of Port Royal on Feb. 24.

Court papers say Armstrong's leg was badly injured and his SUV was totaled when Hunt hit him during an illegal U-turn. Armstrong says officials shouldn't have left the fire truck running while responding to a call.

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