Boaters head out despite big waves from Beryl

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Ashley and Cooper Rivers were anything but care free for boaters trying to salvage Memorial Day weekend outings.

"We already had plans and we crossed the connector and saw that it was white capping but, we figured we could find a secluded creek that we could swim in," said Joshua Deaton, one of a handful of boaters who braved the visibly choppy waters for a few hours.

Other boaters were not as lucky. Keith Gannett of the Charleston yacht club expected 20 boaters to arrive from Florida but, he said Beryl made the trip impossible to finish for most.

"They are just spread out along the coast staying out of this weather because when the waves get that close together and that high it's just very very dangerous. When the seas got to 20 feet he decided to come in for safety reasons," said Gannett.

Gannett said only one team of professional sailors made the 240 mile trip and crossed the finish line in Charleston. The other boaters are now scattered along the coast in cities like Beaufort and Jacksonville.

Missy Rigsby of Charleston said it wasn't worth the effort of trying to get on the water with her young family.

"It's extremely choppy and extremely windy too," said Rigsby. Rigsby added it's too dangerous to chance bringing the boat out.

Others said the water wasn't as bad as it looks.

"It was better than I thought it would be, with the wind up I thought it was going to be choppy but on the boat it was okay. We got one big wave but after that nothing," said James Atkison, who took a ride on the water taxi.

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