Beryl continues to bring surfers to Folly Beach

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Tropical depression Beryl is still causing massive power outages for people living in Florida and Georgia, but on Folly Beach the storms created a surfers paradise.

"They're good, they are choppy it's windy it pulls you out there. It's tough to get out really tough to get out but it's fun. I got a few good riders in there," said Robert Caughey.

Once wave riders heard about Beryl and the high advisories for rip currents, they flocked to their boards.

"It's a warning/surfs up so we head to the beach," said Surfer Steve Fletcher.

Fletcher said swimmers should listen to the warnings, but he said the big waves can be hard for surfers to ignore. Folly resident Darus Weathers said the choppy waves aren't keeping him out of the water.

"I just duck dive under the waves. If there is a big wave I put my board to the side and swim under it," said Weathers.

The current is expected to be rough while Beryl continues to die out. Despite the danger some surfers expect they will still be out on the water.

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