Delivery of Boeing 787 Dreamliners to Air India may be delayed

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The first-ever South Carolina made Boeing 787 Dreamliner touched down in Fort Worth, Texas Wednesday night for a new paint job.

But now it looks as though delivery of the planes ordered by Air India may be delayed.

India's civil aviation minister said that state-owned Air India will not take delivery of any Dreamliner aircraft from Boeing until the two parties agree on a compensation package for the three year delay in delivering the plane.

The first plane expected to go to Air India will come from Boeing's Everett, Washington plant.The carrier has ordered 27 of the fuel efficient jets.

The next three Dreamliners being built in the North Charleston final assembly plant also are intended for Air India.

It's not clear right now if this could impact their delivery date too. Air India was supposed to receive the 787s in 2008. Now they're reportedly seeking $1 billion in compensation for the delays.

The two sides are believed to be far apart on the terms of a deal. Two years ago, Air India told the country's parliament that it wanted $710 million in compensation, while Boeing was offering $145 million.

Air India is looking at all legal options including mediation in case the two parties fail to reach an agreement.

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