Forecasters predict relatively tame hurricane season

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Living along the coast we all know mother nature can strike at any time. The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins Friday. But we're already off to a busy start.

Even before the season officially started we've already seen two tropical storms, Alberto and Beryl.

This hurricane season forecasters are predicting a relatively tame year. There is expected to be about 12 named storms this year and seven will possibly develop into hurricanes.

Out of the seven, three are predicted to be major.

Most landfall models show fairly close or normal landfalls along the United States coastline.

Even though this years storms aren't expected to be severe, it's important everyone be prepared and start putting together their emergency kits.

There are some things you'll definitely want to make sure you have.

"Now is a great time to begin putting together some supplies for hurricane season," said Kim Asbill of SCE&G.""one of the main things we ask people to have is enough water. At least one gallon for each family member per day. Also recommend canned food or  un-perishable items because things in your fridge will probably go bad depending on how long your power is out."

Before a storm hits, also be sure you know the shelter procedures in your area. Shelters should only be used as a last resort.

If you don't have a car, make sure you have a transportation plan. Also, don't forget about your pets. Pack supplies for them. And remember, not all shelters allow pets.

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