Second grader suspended for beer in school

Beer found in second grader's book bag. (Source: WXIN/CNN)
Beer found in second grader's book bag. (Source: WXIN/CNN)

INDIANAPOLIS (WXIN/CNN) - A second grader in Indianapolis has been suspended and is pending expulsion, after bringing three bottles of beer to school.

Indian Police Service (IPS) officials said that Eliza A. Blaker 55's principal heard a clanking as the boy was walking down a hallway. When she looked inside his book bag, she found three unopened bottles of Budweiser. The boy acknowledged he brought them to school, but didn't offer an explanation.

A mother whose son is in the student's classroom said her son knows the boy and even saw the beer bottles he was carrying.

"Really I'm shocked. I don't know what to say," said the mother, who requested that her name not be released.

When asked if the boy is a good kid, his classmate replied, "No, he's bad at school."

While the boy's classmate and his mom think that expulsion is too harsh for a second grader, they agreed that they do not understand what he was thinking.

"I don't know, he just brought it to school. I don't know why," the classmate said.

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