Dog gets needed surgery after 8-year-old girl raises funds

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Very few people find their passion in life. But for one little 8-year-old girl, she's not only doing what she loves by volunteering to help local dogs in need but she's going a step further.

A chocolate lab named Rouge is heading off to get much needed knee surgery thanks to a little girl with a big heart to give.

"I had a chocolate lab before and I wanted to help this chocolate lab," said Sarah Culpepper.

Sarah is a shy, sweet 8 year old that volunteers her time with the local SPCA where she found Rouge. When she heard that the 2-year-old chocolate lab needed surgery, she swung into action collecting the much needed funds.

"I felt happy because I could save the dog and I love dogs," Sarah said.

To collect the money for the $3600 surgery, Sarah put some of her own savings in a special jar and held a fundraiser at Perfectley Franks in Summerville to raise the rest. She made flyers and put out posters hoping to collect the money.

The giving doesn't stop there. Sangaree Animal Hospital heard about Sarah's fundraiser and decided to do the surgery for $1,000. Sarah had already collected $1400. The day of surgery, Sarah could not contain her excitement or her nerves as she handed over her new friend.

Rouge's surgery will take about 8 weeks to recover.

Sarah says that the other $400 collected from her fundraiser will be going towards getting pet food and other items for animals at the Francis Willis SPCA where she volunteers.

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