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Man looking for missing phone leads cops to motel meth lab

Hopson and Cox (Source: SPD) Hopson and Cox (Source: SPD)
Source: Shaun Kraisman Source: Shaun Kraisman

Police arrested two people over the weekend after officers searching for a missing cell phone came across a meth lab in a motel room in Summerville.

It all started when Summerville Police Department officers responded to the Economy Inn on 200 Holiday Drive on Saturday in reference to a 32-year-old man trying to get back his cell phone. The man said 32-year-old Kimberly Cox, who is a friend of his, came to his house with 35-year-old Jeremy Hopson several days ago to "hang out."

According to the victim, he left his phone on the back patio and when he went to retrieve it, the phone was missing.

A few days later the victim said Cox contacted him and said she had his phone and he could come get it from a room at the Economy Inn. The victim said he came to the motel several times and each time he was told by a male voice, yelling through the door to "Come back."

The victim told police that he could hear the sound of glassware "clinking" coming from inside the motel room. After making several attempts to make contact with Cox, the victim then called police.

When officers knocked on the motel door, Hopson came to the door. Officers say when they asked if Cox was in the room, Hopson said she had left with some friends and would be back shortly.

Police told Hopson that a friend of hers was looking for his cell phone and that Cox admitted to the victim that she had the phone. Hopson said he didn't know anything about the phone and told officers that no one else was inside the room after officers asked several times.

While standing outside of the room, a police officer said he could see several cell phones sitting on the dresser next to a large white purse. Police asked Hopson if the purse belonged to Cox. Hopson said yes, but said she wasn't in the room.

Authorities then asked about the closed bathroom door, where officers say they could smell ammonia coming from, and asked Hopson if anyone was in the room to which Hopson replied,"No."

Some time later, Cox came out of the bathroom and then closed the door behind her. Cox asked Hopson why he lied to officers about her being in the motel room.

Hopson told officers,"Cause she told me to lie to ya'll."

Investigators say after Hopson provided false information, along with the strong odor of ammonia coming from the bathroom, officers entered the room to check for other people possibly hiding in the bathroom.

When police went inside the bathroom, they discovered a large green Mountain Dew bottle sitting on the bathroom sink containing some type of liquid. Several other containers were also seen sitting on the sink along with a glass tray with a white residue on it.

Investigators also found some tubing and lighter fluid in the tub. Hazmat crews and the fire department were then called to the scene.

Cox and Hopson were locked up at the Berkeley County Detention Center.  They are charged with two counts of manufacturing meth with intent to distribute.  Hopson was also charged with giving false info to police.

A judge issued Hopson a $60,470 bond while Cox was issued a $30,000 bond.

Police say they were not able to locate the victim's cell phone.

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