Military working dog remembered at Joint Base Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - For Sergeant Brandon Edwards of Joint Base Charleston it was a day full of memories.

Sgt. Edwards spoke fondly about the bond that he had with his military working dog named Waldo. The 11-year-old German Shepherd recently died after a short illness.

To honor Waldo a memorial service was held at the Joint Base Wednesday morning.

Waldo had been a part of the military since 2002 and became a fully certified Drug Detector Patrol Dog in 2003. During his military time Waldo conducted more than 2,000 searches and did demonstrations for the local community.

Waldo was even deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom twice.

"Our main mission was to drive around the main base we were at and make sure the local nationals weren't trying to bring in drugs," Sgt. Edwards said.

Waldo was assigned to the 628th Security Forces Squadron and received full military honors during the ceremony, which included a 21 gun salute.

Waldo was finally laid to rest at the Military Working Dog cemetery at the base.

"We spend more time with the dogs then with our own families and even though we go home we are with them to eat, sleep and play," says Sgt. Edwards. "It's like having a child or best-friend."

Sgt. Edwards is now gearing up for a new assignment. He will be working with another dog named Shark.