Legislative session ends; bills head to governor's desk

The legislative session will be wrapping up on Wednesday at 5 p.m.  Several bills will be heading straight to Gov. Nikki Haley's desk awaiting a signature.

One of the bills would wipe some criminal records clean as long as offenders pay money and go through a program.

It's called the Pre-trial Intervention Program or PTI.  As of now, people are only allowed to go through the program once, but this bill would allow you to do it multiple times.  The House passed the bill back in March.

The bill puts power in the solicitor's hands. Some are worried the bill would allow too many criminals back on the streets. However, senators behind the bill say it would not be available to a large number of people. They also said the program would not be overloaded since it costs hundreds of dollars to go through the program.

Another bill headed to the governor's office would appoint nine more state judges to help with severe back logging.  Also, a bill that would give 7th graders the option of receiving a free Human Pappiloma Virus vaccination is also headed Haley's way.

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