Rain floods section of Dorchester Rd. in N. Charleston

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The waves are crashing against the side of Dorchester road in North Charleston.

The flooded street makes it hard to get around for walkers like Anthony Fishburn. "I'm thinking about swimming or trying to leap across or get a boat or something, but I don't know. I'm going to have to duck and dodge," said Fishburn.

Fishburn said he didn't have a choice but to wade through the rain waters to continue walking down the street.

"I was shocked when I came around the corner. I though how am I going to get across this? I already got wet earlier today. I'm not prepared to get wet again," said Fishburn.

Fishburn and many other drivers took their turns crashing and sometimes crawling through the water.

"It's hard sometimes when it floods like this but the majority of the time with this car I can get through with ease," said taxi driver Michael Chinnis.

Bus Riders like Amanda Johnson said she usually goes to the mega stop but this time she waited for the number 12 which usually comes around 5:15. She said this stop is not the one to wait at when sudden weather hits.

"Oh, it's so frustrating, then you have to wave the bus down and say hey I need to get on. A lot of the bus drivers on CARTA they are really good at  stopping and noticing that people need to be picked up. When the streets do get so clogged up we just have to stand or sit in other places and this is one of the really bad ones," said Johnson.

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