Mt. Pleasant repeals '50 acre' rule, opens door for big box stores

A "big box" development. (Source: Flickr)
A "big box" development. (Source: Flickr)

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - It appears "big box" stores are a step closer to becoming a reality off Highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant after town council members voted to repeal the "50 acre" rule on Tuesday.

The rule has kept developers from putting 70,000-square-foot buildings in fewer than 50 acres of land, but the council voted five to four to repeal the rule, opening the door for big box stores.

Developers in Mount Pleasant wanted to build on a piece of land called the Gregg Tract right beside Snee Farms causing neighbors to ban together and prevent big box stores from being built on the 40 acre property.

However, Councilman Elton Carrier said Tuesday developers still face challenges in their efforts to develop the Gregg Tract, as the property must first be rezoned and the Mt. Pleasant Planning Board must sign off on any proposed project.

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