ReVille victim's testimony a step in the healing process

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - One victim told Louis "Skip" ReVille in court, "I have a lot of anxiety. I've been tormented from what Mr. Reville has done," said the victim.

Facing his abuser in court, the young man told now convicted child sexual predator ReVille what his actions did to causing him unimaginable harm.

"To actually call ReVille out and say look at me really speaks to, him needing the opportunity. We hope for him that it was empowering," said Cindy McElhinney the program director for Darkness to Light, an advocacy group that focuses on stopping childhood sexual abuse.

"Imagine that it must be very traumatic for theses victims to have to testify, to have to face their abuser in court proceedings and then we are left wondering why more victims don't come forward," said McElhinney.

McElhinney said when victims testify they are in essence being re-victimized. She said in some cases they have to give graphic detail of what happened to them then they are questioned about it. McElhinney said it's rare for victims who are men to come forward to testify.

"There are these very specific gender roles we have in our society which says boys are strong. Boys can't be victimized, boys should be strong enough to say no. It is very hard for them, they think they should be able to control it or stop it," said McElhinney.

McElhinney said the fears and break of trust for the victims carries well into the rest of their life.

"What we hope for all the victims from this point forward is that hope and healing can come from knowing that ReVille is going to pay for his crimes," said McElhinney.