Jury to hear case involving teacher accused of touching student

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The case against a Dorchester County teacher accused of inappropriately touching a teenager, will be heard by a jury. William Brown is charged with solicitation of a minor and second-degree assault. He was placed on administrative leave from Dubose Middle School in May.

Brown was in court Friday hoping to get the charges dropped. The judge says there is probable cause for this case to be heard by a jury and go to trial.

More than 30 former students and parents were at the court house in support of their teacher. Wife Kelly Sigler is in full support of him as his case moves forward.

"The truth will come out when it goes to trial. You talk to any student that he's ever had, 19 years worth of service he's put into education, they will all tell you the same thing, he's a mentor, a role model," Sigler said.

Dorchester County deputies say back in May, the 14-year-old was in Brown's classroom for standardized testing. They say during that time, Brown whispered inappropriate comments in her ear about coming back to his classroom later for sexual activity. Investigators also say brown touched her inappropriately.

"She said that later he came back, told her that she turned him on, and she says she felt him touching her thigh. She described it as him taking his fingers and making a walking motion into her inner thigh," Detective Craig Legates said.

The 14-year-old girl was in court, but chose not to testify. Attorney Andy Savage calls the charges against Brown and the statements from his accuser and three student witnesses preposterous.

"You heard the testimony. You heard the other alleged witnesses, they weren't even sitting in the classroom where they could have observed any improper activity. Most importantly there was another adult in the classroom," Savage said.

Current and former students are standing by their mentor.

"He's a part of the reason why I decided to change and be a better person," Alec Belle said.

"Nothing he said or did ever came across as more than a joke," Taylor Moss said.

"I've never second guessed Mr. Brown in any way," Olivia Gibney said.

Right now, Brown is on paid leave from Dorchester District Two as he faces the charges. He says he is in the process of appealing his leave to start working again.

Now that a judge has decided there is probable cause for the case against Brown, his case will first head to a grand jury, then a jury trial.

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