Massive development planned on Mount Pleasant property

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Nearly 600 homes, duplexes and town homes may soon go up on an untouched piece of property near the corner of Six Mile Road and North Palmetto Fort Drive. It's about 200 acres that stretches back to the marsh.

People who live just past the proposed development aren't happy with the development proposal.

"You have woods, you can walk through. Where I live I have all sorts of wildlife and animals in my yard, and people don't know about it. Now it's just going to be like everything else in Mount Pleasant, taken over," Cheryl Mitchum said.

Property owners Oyster Point Development, LLC call the proposed neighborhood, Oyster Point. Planners say they are taking into account the nature and history of the land. They say their plan includes at least 25 percent of open green space. It will include marsh access, trails and the protection of many trees.

Mount Pleasant residents are concerned about the extra traffic.

"I don't know if we're ready for that yet, if the roads, the schools are ready or not," Ben Zorn said.

"If you put this back here, all you have is Rifle Range Road, which is just going to clog it. I don't see the wisdom in doing it right now," Linda Love said.

Mount Pleasant's Planning Commission, a group appointed by the mayor and council, will hear the plans and host a public meeting to get input. The commission can then recommend to town leaders whether they think the development would be good for the town or not.

"It's of course really good real estate. It's all on the water back there. We're just curious what's going to happen and how that's going to be funded," Kaye White said.

Before the planning commission hears about the proposed development, they must first decide if they want to annex the property into the Town of Mount Pleasant. Right now the land is in Charleston County. The annexation would allow town services such as police, sewer or water to be provided to the neighborhood.

If Mount Pleasant's Planning Commission likes the proposal, then a planning committee will hear the plans to annex and build Oyster Point, and then it could go to council for a vote.

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