How to protect yourself from massive Lowcountry mosquitoes

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The itch is on! Recent rains have spawned blood thirsty mosquitoes throughout the Lowcountry. On local company says they're getting record calls and serving more than 50 customers a day to rid them of the pesky insects.

"We have some customers that just say 'help me'," said Mary Anna Lewis, who owns Mosquito Squad with her husband.

The company uses mosquito spray backpacks to rid their customers yard of the massive mosquitoes that continue to plague the Tri-County area.

"They're bad," said Lewis. "They're everywhere."

But Lewis says mosquito take-overs are the worst in Hanahan followed closely by Daniel Island and James Island.

"That doesn't exclude Mt. Pleasant, downtown Charleston and West Ashley but those are primarily where we're getting the calls," said Lewis.

The company owner says their yard spraying system is like a force field but for anyone trying to beat the bites on their own, she says just remember the 'Five T's.'

"Tip, toss, turn, tarps and treat," said Lewis. "Go into your yard and tip over those plants that have the standing water in the bottom. Toss any yard clippings."

Turn over any plastic toys the kids have in the yard. If you have a tarp over a boat and it rains it's going to hold water and then lastly treat with a barrier spray like Mosquito Squad."

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