Charleston Co. auditor will not fight board's decision on protest

Charleston Co. Auditor Peggy Moseley
Charleston Co. Auditor Peggy Moseley

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County auditor Peggy Moseley announced on Friday that she will not appeal the GOP executive board decision to deny her protest of the primary election which saw her defeated by Paul Gawrych.

The Charleston County Republican Party Executive Committee met Thursday night after Moseley filed a protest this week questioning whether her opponents in the primary were qualified to run.

The executive committee voted 14 to 7 denying the protest.

Moseley released the following statement Friday afternoon:

"Peggy Moseley announces today that she will not appeal the decision of the Charleston County Republican Party Executive Committee to deny her protest of the primary election for the office of Charleston County Auditor. She believes the grounds on which she brought her protest are valid, but she will abide by the decision of the Republican Party Executive Committee in this matter. Although she only heard of the filing problems of her opponents shortly before the election, she could not get an explanation from the Party Chairman. It was disappointing that these issues were not clarified before the Primary Election Day. She raised the issues in this election protest because she heard from many other people who had serious questions about the problem with candidate filings to run in the primary. Peggy Moseley wants to keep it out of the court system. If she were to appeal the decision of the Executive Committee, it would end up in the court system, taking the nominating process out of the hands of the Republican Party and the voters. Peggy Moseley supports the Charleston County Republican Party.

Dated: June 22, 2012"

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