Report: Wrestler Ric Flair assaulted by wife, again

Jacqueline Baines Beems(Source: Mecklenburg County Jail)
Jacqueline Baines Beems(Source: Mecklenburg County Jail)


Police in Charlotte say they had to go out to the home of professional wrestler Ric Flair after they received a call for an assault, the second in two years.

Flair, whose legal name is Richard Morgan Fliehr, called police around 9:40 p.m. Monday night to come to his condo.

According to a police report, the 63-year-old Fliehr told police that he was assaulted by his wife, Jacqueline Baines Beems, at their condo near the South Park Mall.

No arrests were made.

This isn't the first time officers were called to the couple's home.

According to a police report from February 2010, Fliehr told police that he and his wife had come back from dinner and went to Fliehr's home in Charlotte's Stonecroft neighborhood.

Fliehr told police officers Beems assaulted him inside the house following a domestic dispute. 

According to the police report, Fliehr sustained minor injuries, which were caused by "personal weapons" such as hands, feet and teeth, but he refused to be transported to the hospital. 

Beems was charged with assault and battery, in that case.  She was also charged in Mecklenburg County in April 2012 for driving while impaired and reckless driving.

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