Sheriff: Female escort steals $8K watch from customer


A female escort stole a watch valued at $8000 from a male customer, according to sheriff's deputies.

According to a Lexington County Sheriff's Department incident report, a 53-year-old Chapin man paid a 40-year-old West Columbia man twenty dollars to transport a female escort to his Chapin home, so she could engage in sexual activities in exchange for cash on June 24.

Deputies say the West Columbia man dropped the woman off at the Chapin home and then left.

A short time later, the West Columbia man received a call from the woman saying she was ready to be picked up, the report stated.

Deputies say the woman came out the house in a rush and told the West Columbia man, "Let's go."

The man told deputies while driving, he saw the woman looking at a Rolex watch he knew didn't' belong to her, the report stated.

The man advised the female to take the watch back to the location, but she completely ignored his request, deputies say. The man told the woman that he was going to notify the police, because it was his truck description that the victim would give police once he reported his watch missing, the report stated.

After dropping the female escort off to her "employer", the 40-year-old West Columbia man drove back to the Chapin home to inform the 53-year-old man on what just happened.

The 53-year-old man searched the home and could not locate his watch, so he contacted law enforcement.

According to deputies, the watch is a Rolex Date Just Jubilee Band valued at $8,000.

If you have any information about this crime, contact the Lexington County Sheriff's Department.

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