Folly Beach exploring new dog-leash laws

Folly Beach City Council members at the meeting.
Folly Beach City Council members at the meeting.

Dogs could soon be off-leash all day on Folly Beach during the offseason.

Folly Beach City Council came one step closer to making it a reality during a meeting on Tuesday night.

Over a year ago, town leaders approved a trial organization called FIDO, which allowed members of the organization to have their dogs unleashed on the beach, but only between October 1 and May 1 from sun up to 10 a.m.

This new proposal would allow dogs unleashed on the beach all day long during those months.

To take advantage of the proposed hours, dog owners need to be a part of FIDO, which registers everyone and their dogs to make sure they're acting properly on the beach.

Some say that the unleashed dogs threaten sea turtles and birds, but most people at Town Hall were in support of the longer hours.

Two more readings will be held in July on the issue.