Berkeley County budget heading for emergency resolution

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - If a emergency resolution doesn't pass Berkeley County Council on Friday morning, spending in the county will freeze. Bills won't be paid, county employees won't either and emergency medical services won't operate.

Monday, the Berkeley County Council voted 5-3 against 2012-2013 proposed budget because some members couldn't agree on funding for a new building dedicated to nursing and science on Trident Technical College's campus.

Every year the Berkeley County Budget must be passed by June 30. Since it failed on the third reading, an emergency resolution that mirrors spending from the prior year's budget is voted on to keep the County running.

If the resolution doesn't pass Friday morning, the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, emergency medical services (EMS) and the county court system are just a handful of agencies that will be affected by the freeze in spending.

Councilman Steve Davis was the deciding vote Monday night.

Davis says he voted 'no' to the budget because he wants the County to continue funding Trident's nursing and science building, which wasn't included next year.

Davis told Live 5 News there's a good possibility he will reconsider his vote against the budget. If the councilman decides to switch sides and the budget is passed with a 'yes' vote by county Supervisor Dan Davis, the 2012-2013 budget will go into effect as planned.

Steve Davis says he's had time to think since the meeting and has realized the county worked very hard to put the budget together and he believes it's citizens and employees deserve some certainty.

If Davis doesn't reconsider, county Supervisor Dan Davis says he believes the emergency resolution will pass.

Work will start on new budget for 2012-2013 if the resolution is passed and will  have to go through three separate readings and votes to pass.

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