Google helps woman kick start her catering business

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Sameka Jenkins has always been a jack of all trades.

"I have had so many different jobs from student counseling, banking working in human resources," said Jenkins.

But her passion is in the kitchen.

Jenkins stopped working at a commercial bank six months ago and put her apron on full time. That is when she started her catering business called Carolima's Southern Cuisine.

"I love doing it," says Jenkins. "When I'm in the kitchen I'm in a different zone."

Jenkins had the tools of the trade in the kitchen but lacked skills when it came to technology and marketing her business. She said she needed a website to really compete.

Jenkins attended a seminar earlier this year for Google America Get your Business Online. The workshop is meant to give small businesses help in launching a free website and boost business and profits.

Jenkins' best friend, Reth Mariam, says now not only are friends and family lining up to taste her friends great shrimp deviled eggs, lima beans and crab cakes, but now the world is truly her oyster.

"It has been tremendous Google has taken her business to another level," Mariam said.

With her business now in full swing, Jenkins says she hopes to open a store front in the next six months.

Google is still offering website services to Charleston small businesses through the website

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