New law forces sex offenders into tents

OKLAHOMA CITY (KWTV/CNN) - A new law in one state is forcing convicted sex offenders to leave their homes and move into tents.

More than 40 sex offenders at the Hand Up Ministries in Oklahoma City had to move out of trailers on the ministry's property.

The new state law limits the number of sex offenders who can live in one dwelling.

Ministry founder David Nichols said without a place to live, many offenders won't register and could go back to prison.

"They accomplished what they set out to do, I'll give them that. Is that good for Oklahoma? I doubt it," Nichols said. "I don't think that it's going to lessen crime any. I think it's going to increase crime."

However, supporters of the bill suggest the law is fair due to the fact that laws already prevent multiple sex offenders from living in an apartment complex or house.

Supporters also claim sex offenders who live together are the most likely to reoffend.

Nichols said he plans to file a lawsuit challenging the new law.

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