Officers: Walterboro man gets shot in foot while walking down road

Walterboro Public Safety officers are investigating a shooting after a Walterboro man was shot in the foot.

Officers responded to Colleton Medical Center around 3:20 a.m. on July 4 in reference to a gunshot wound victim. The victim said he was walking down Rattlesnake Lane and Sniders Hwy when a car pulled up beside him and shot him in the left foot.

The victim could not describe the vehicle, or the person who shot him, said officers.

According to a report, the victim says he began to walk to the hospital when a friend picked him up to take him the rest of the way.

Officers say they went to the site of the shooting but could not find any evidence. They then went to the victim's residence at the Druid Hills apartment complex, and found what appeared to be blood splatter outside the victim's door.

Officials say they were notified earlier in the night that there was a gunshot heard in the apartment complex. In that incident, officers say they arrested two black males.

The two incidents are being investigated to determine if they are related.

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