House: Haley shares in blame for bill's demise

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - While Gov. Nikki Haley berates senators for killing her signature issue, House leaders contend she needs to point the finger at herself, too.

In the final days of the legislative session, House and Senate members were still struggling to compromise on their versions of 2 priority items - pension reform and government restructuring.

With the clock running out, Haley called negotiators on the bills into her office.

Furious House leaders say that's when she made a strategic goof that ensured the restructuring bill's demise. They say by backing a Senate's plan over their objections, she removed the Senate's incentive to pass restructuring.

Haley declined to address the House's accusations directly. Senators call it flawed "Monday-morning quarterbacking."

Senators say restructuring had too many opponents for any maneuver to work.

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