SLIDESHOW: Construction underway at Ocean Course for PGA Championship

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort is undergoing massive changes in preparation for the PGA Championship.

PGA Championship Director Brett Sterba says a 12-week construction period is needed in order to ensure the famed Ocean Course can handle the expected 30,000 visitors the course will see each day.

The upgrades range from widening roads leading to the golf resort, to building four 30,000-square-foot structures.

One of those new buildings will be the Wanamaker Club. Sterba says the giant luxury sports bar will include bars, lounging areas, and an insane amount of big screens.

"There will be 50 55" televisions that go in there, another 65 40" televisions for other viewing areas, and another 20 that serve as menus," explained Sterba.

The L-shaped building will feature sight lines of the golf resort, driving range and the beautiful beach. Tickets for the Wanamaker Club, all 10,000 of them, have been sold out for over a year.

Other structures being built are a 32,000-square-foot golf pro shop and a volunteer center to take care of the 3,000 volunteers that will be helping with the event.

There will also be multiple hospitality suites from Outback Trophy Suites that will line the 18th hole. These high-dollar suites include a built in kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, and will have a viewing deck on each roof. Skyboxes are also being built around the 17th hole green.

Both the suites and skyboxes are already sold out.

"We knew the Ocean Course was going to be a special place and that's backed up by our ticket sales and our hospitality sales to day," says Sterba. "We got out faster than any other PGA Championship in history. We are absolutely pleased with the support we have seen from the state.

Sterba says there are currently around 75 workers constantly on the course preparing for the PGA Championship, but that number will expand to around 200 workers come tournament time.

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