N. Charleston kids march to stop crime, gun violence

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Michael Mazyck, 15-year-old marching to stop crime
Michael Mazyck, 15-year-old marching to stop crime

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Teenagers and young children marched Friday to fight against gun violence and take back the streets.

The Chicora Cherokee Community in North Charleston was filled with people carrying signs, chalk, and caution tape to send a message that they want crime off their streets.

"These kids are rewriting the story of our community," said Reverend Bill Stanfield, who was attending the march. "We start there. We're planting seeds and they're saying this isn't how we want it to be anymore."

The kids started their march on Success Street, the location of two recent deaths due to gun violence, and made their way to Mary Ford Elementary.

For many this was more than just a march, it was a flashback to crime they've witnessed and friends they've lost.

"My friends have been killed over here by Mary Ford, some of them are killed by Mary Hill," says 15-year-old Michael Mazyck, a leader to many of the younger kids in Friday's march.

Mazyck is wise beyond his years, recalling the current dangers he sees on the streets.

"You can't walk down the streets safe without dodging bullets. Your homeboys you see one day, they're gone the next," says Mazyck.

It is for his young nieces and nephews that Mazyck says he walked for, because if the violence continues, anyone could get hurt.

"Bullets don't have no name, bullets can go anywhere and hit anybody," explains the 15-year-old.

And that is what the children of the Chicora Cherokee Community spent their Friday afternoon marching to stop.

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Copyright 2012 WCSC. All rights reserved.