Mobile lab teaching students how to play music throughout the Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - One local arts program is giving children at schools in low income areas a chance to learn to play music.

The Smalls Mobile Music Lab moves through town bringing instruments and instructors to the kids.

Supporters of the music lab have been raising money for the program all day on Tuesday. Nathaniel and Sherry Smalls started the non-profit mobile music classroom to reach children with music in rural, inner city or under privileged areas.

"Music and arts programs have had to be cut out of public school systems. It's a way to increase awareness for the arts," Sherry Smalls said.

The music lab has been on the move teaching children in the Charleston area since March.
The children say they are thankful for the music institute and the chance to pick up the instruments.

"It keeps me busy during my week," said Nyaja Backman, a piano student.

"Mrs. Sherry is the best teacher I ever had," said Myracle Cromwell, another piano student.

"I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have this opportunity," said bass guitar student Jonathan Wright.

Because the state money for the arts is being cut, programs like the mobile music lab are relying more than ever on private donations. Paisanos on James Island is donating its proceeds from Tuesday to the cause.

So far the Smalls institute has brought the mobile music classroom to children at Murray Lasaine Elementary, James Simons Elementary and currently they meet children at Hampton Park for an eight week program which wraps up at the end of the month.

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