Seabrook Island hoping for exposure as PGA draws near

SEABROOK ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The national spotlight will be on Kiawah Island when pro-golfers and spectators come to the Ocean Course for the PGA Championship. Town leaders of nearby Seabrook Island are also hoping for some exposure. The town is trying to attract visitors and future property owners

Beyond the gates of the island is a residential town with about 2700 properties, several amenities and beach front access.

"Our hope is that people will be interested enough to visit us and once they come and visit they're likely to come back," Mayor Pro Tem Terry Ahearn said.

As the PGA comes to neighboring Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island town leaders hope for some extra exposure. The town has people dedicated to letting visitors know all about their island during  the PGA Championship.

"We will have a hospitality tent out at Freshfields Village and they'll be a lot of activities up there at Freshfields Village. We'll also have a tent over at Bohicket Marina because we think a lot of the guests will go over there to eat or see the sites at the marina. We're doing some limited advertising," Visibility Committee chairman Ken Ingram said.

Realtors on the island say property sales are already on the rise, and they hope the national spotlight of the PGA will help even more.

"From a real estate perspective we don't expect that in this visit we're going to sell 100% more houses. This is a question of how do we expose as many people to the great things Seabrook has to offer and have them come back and maybe think about buying a vacation home here or living here permanently someday in the future," broker in charge at Seabrook Island Realty Joe Salvo said.

The island is only accessible to residents, property owners, or vacationers.

The town will issue one-day guest passes to visitors during the PGA Championship week.

The PGA Championship will take place August 6th through 12th. Seabrook town leaders say they have been planning for this week for several years now.

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