Local theaters taking precautions following deadly shooting

Local theaters will be taking some extra precautions following a shooting at a Colorado theater that killed 12 people and injured nearly 60 people.

Officials with AMC theaters say no face covering masks and no weapons will be allowed in their theaters. Managers at the Citadel Mall IMAX Stadium 16 theater say they will be implementing a no backpack rule.

Employees at Regal Cinema in Mount Pleasant say they have always had a rule of no masks in the theater which will continue.

Meanwhile, Colorado investigators say the man suspected of killing at least 12 people and injuring nearly 60 more at a movie theater had no police record with the local department.

Police Chief Dan Oates spoke about James Eagan Holmes, 24, the man police believe committed the murders at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.

"We are not looking for any other suspects," Oates said. "We are confident that he acted alone. However, we will do a thorough investigation to be absolutely sure that is the case, but at this time, we are confident he acted alone."

Holmes reportedly had recently withdrawn from a Ph. D. program the University of Colorado Denver.

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