Alligator washes ashore on Isle of Palms

A gator washes ashore on IOP. (Source: Kevin Bilodeau)
A gator washes ashore on IOP. (Source: Kevin Bilodeau)

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - Some beachgoers were treated to a surprise on Monday morning as a small alligator emerged from the surf on the Isle of Palms.

According to reports from the scene, the alligator washed up around 11 a.m. and made its way towards a couple of chairs and umbrellas before coming to a rest.

Animal Control responded to the scene to remove the gator.  It's not the first time an alligator has been removed from the Isle of Palms.

Officials removed a gator from the beach back in June of 2011.  At the time, specialists claimed drought was a likely factor.

"Alligators can overheat very, very quickly in the summer time," said one gator wrangler. "So a lot of it's just the layers in the pond and the different temperatures. If that upper temperature of that pond level gets down to the bottom of the pond where they can't stand it, they're going to have to find a deeper setting to cool off."

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