Credit card number theft ring targeting Tri County area

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - Police in Moncks Corner said Monday a nationwide credit card number theft ring has left its mark in the town.

The ring, according to police, hacked into a credit card processing company's  security system in Atlanta to steal thousands of credit and debit card numbers.

"What someone is doing is getting a hold of the victims' credit card numbers and the information, and they were using them to make a lot of purchases out of state," said Moncks Corner Police Lt. Michael Roach. "There's probably thousands of people whose credit information they have."

Andrew Wigger of Moncks Corner is one of those victims.

He found out when his bank called him about a questionable charge on his debit card.

"They said it was in Baltimore which is when I actually knew something was wrong. "it's like being violated," Wigger said.

Police said the thieves are using the stolen credit card numbers to buy merchandise in other states.

Those include North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. The stolen numbers also were used in Washington, D.C.

"There were not a lot of big purchases, but there were a lot of purchases, anything from $30 to $300 to $400," Roach said.

Wigger, who's attending college is angry someone stole his card number to get to his cash.

"It's your money that I worked hard for and now someone else is spending it on God knows what."

Police say the culprits hacked into the credit card processing company's security system back in March, but apparently waited until recently to do their dirty work.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office said it's also investigating multiple cases that may be related to the ones in Moncks Corner.

The Secret Service is expected to join the investigation.

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