Businesses hope for big boosts with PGA in town

KIAWAH ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - As pro-golfers, their teams, and spectators descend upon Kiawah Island  in August, nearby businesses are gearing up for a busy week.

At Bohicket Marina and Market boat slips are booked, restaurants are getting ready, and stores are stocking up.

It's all in high anticipation of the PGA Championship.

"We're excited about it. We're excited about the amount of traffic that's going to be seeing our island for the first time, and all in all is working very hard to promote themselves," Doing the Charleston manager Ron Ballentine said.

Bohicket's operations manager Nicholas Macpherson says with thousands of people in town to watch the golf tournament, all 25 businesses  at Bohicket are hoping to cash in big, with some shops extending their normal hours.

"It's a little shopping center on the water, which is great. Our plan is to have business as usual. We're going to be running inshore and offshore charters. We expect huge crowds," Macpherson said.

Here at Freshfields Village shops are extra excited because event parking for the PGA Championship is located right behind the market. From the public lot people will be shuttled onto Kiawah Island.

"We're going to be hopefully the place that people are going to want to come to after they've spent the day at golf, watching all the excitement out on the Ocean Course. Come to Freshfields. Have a little bit to eat and drink, hang out," Freshfields Village property manager Elisa Cooper said.

Businesses say they've ordered extra inventory, planned special events, and all employees will be hard at work that week.

"We've never hard anything like this before. We've been preparing for it for what feels like probably a year. We've been having meetings and trying to plan everything as best we can," Pink Boulevard manager Maryanne Lowndes said.

Businesses planning as best as they can, as they await tee time for the PGA Championship.

The PGA public parking lot behind Freshfields Village will be big enough to accommodate 10,000 cars.

PGA Championship week is August 6th through 12th.

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