Company challenges Charleston airport contract

A planned view of the atrium, following renovation.
A planned view of the atrium, following renovation.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - An Atlanta construction company is appealing a decision to give a Dallas company the contract to renovate the terminal at the Charleston International Airport.

Holder Construction Co. of Atlanta is appealing the decision to award the $150 million contract to Austin Commercial LP of Dallas and Hitt Contracting, a Charleston area company.

Nick Nicholson represents Holder and says the company wants a Circuit Court to review the decision. The appeal comes after the Aviation Authority denied a challenge Friday.

Nicholson says the only people who have reviewed the contact so far work for the airport authority or are members of the authority.

The Holder team says a former airport board member's ties to the Austin-Hitt team tainted the contract award process.

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