Cops: Daughter tried to stop father from killing mother

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Police say a 32-year-old woman tried to stop her father from killing her mother at a home in Goose Creek.

The Goose Creek Police Department charged 77-year-old Lester Chung of Goose Creek with the murder of his wife, 61-year-old Xiuying Wang.

The couple's daughter said she had walked into her parents home on Huntsman Drive on Friday and saw Young stabbing her mother with a knife. The daughter said she attempted to intervene to help her mother, but was unable to stop her father.

A police report states that the daughter then left the home, went to a nearby neighbor, who then contacted police. Officers then went to the couple's home after talking to the daughter who told them that her father had just stabbed her mother.

Officers say they knocked on the door several times, but no one answered. After a moment, authorities say the front door opened and Chung was standing in the door way. Police officers then took out their guns, pointed it at Chung and told him to raise his hands.

Authorities say Chung refused to follow the commands and at that point a police officer forced Chung to the ground and handcuffed him. Police say they could see a large amount of blood on Chung's clothes, arms and hands.

Officers then went inside of the home and saw Wang laying on her left side on the floor near the rear of the home.

A police report states that Chung appeared to be heavily intoxicated, unable to stand up without help and "out of it." Authorities say when an officer asked Chung how much he had to drink, Chung said he had two bottles of wine.

Police say while Chung was in a patrol vehicle, he kept asking, "How is my wife?"

The daughter said it all started when she had brought her mother to the home to get her belongings since the mother was in the process of moving out.  According to the daughter, she and her mother met Chung in the driveway as he was in the process of bringing some items to the victim.

Police say as the daughter began to help Chung unload items from his car into hers, the victim walked into the home. The daughter told police she began to talk to her father to distract him, but he followed the victim into the house.

When the daughter began to walk into the house, she said she heard her mother scream.

According to a police report, the daughter saw her father stabbing his mother. The daughter said she attempted to help her mother, but was not able to stop her father. The daughter left the home and got help.

Medical officials at MUSC say there were a total of four stab wounds on the victim with seven defensive wounds on the victim's hands and one laceration to the left arm.

Chung remains locked up at the Hill-Finklea Detention Center.

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