Pregnant woman survives I-26 hit-and-run crash

Pregnant woman survives I-26 hit-and-run crash

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A North Charleston woman is thankful to be alive after surviving a crash with a hit and run driver Friday afternoon.

Yeni Catlett, who is five months pregnant was driving home from work Friday when she was struck by a white truck on I-26 westbound near the Cosgrove Avenue exit.

"I just don't remember what happened, it was so fast," Catlett said. "I saw the white truck close to me. It's all what I can remember. I just lost control."

Her husband Michael got the call after the accident.

"First shock, afraid my wife, five months pregnant, for her safety," Michael Catlett said. "Her car spun out, did a 360 and struck the vehicle behind her, was left disabled in the middle of the interstate. When she told me the truck drove off, it changed to anger."

Yeni Catlett said her passenger, a co-worker was glad to see she was okay.

"She said ,'You fine? you feel good? How's the baby?' I'm fine, it was scary," Catlett said.

Michael Catlett is thankful Yeni and her unborn baby survived the crash.

"I can't imagine for her being in that situation at 65 miles an hour, your life flashes before your eyes," he said. I think it was by the grace of God, she's okay and her baby."

The vehicle that hit Yeni Catlett's car is believed to be a white truck with damage on the driver's side and gold paint on it.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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