Rev. Jesse Jackson wants assault weapon ban

Calls for assault weapon ban

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On average, one assault-type gun is sold each day at the A.T.P. Gun Shop in Summerville.

"It's a really fun gun to shoot.  It's noisy, but it's low recoil and just lots of fun.  They use it for sport and hunting and self-defense," A.T.P. Gun Shop President Arlyn Pendergast says.

But because assault-type guns are oftentimes the weapon of choice in mass shootings, many people are against them -- including Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was in North Charleston today for an "emergency press conference."

"It's not gun control that's the issue -- it's assault weapons out of control," Rev. Jackson says.  "These weapons of terrorism are weapons that empower terrorists and must not be allowed to be sold any longer."

Rev. Jackson was joined by two local lawmakers: SC Senator Robert Ford and SC Rep. Wendell Gilliard.  Both support a ban at the state or national level.

Rep. Gilliard has twice proposed legislation in the past and plan to introduce House Bill 3140.

"This would be my third attempt and this year, by going into the new session -- the 120th session will start in January -- I'm going to get bipartisan support," he says.

Sen. Ford agrees.

"We would ban them here -- we don't need them.  Those guns are made for war.  They're not made for hunting, they're made for human beings, so you don't need that," he says.

Pendergast says he doesn't see a law forthcoming.

"The only people that'll follow the law are the honest people.  The crooks are going to buy them anyway," he says.  "Once you disarm the honest people, only the crooks have guns."

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