Paramedics to patrol golf course with backpacks during PGA tournament

Charleston County EMS Director Don Lundy
Charleston County EMS Director Don Lundy

KIAWAH ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County paramedics will walk the Ocean Course with golfers and spectators during PGA championship week, ready to handle any medical emergency, according to their director.

Charleston County EMS Director Don Lundy said Thursday the medics will wear backpacks that contain basic equipment to treat patients.

"The first thing is to get help to the patient," Lundy said. "Our goal is to get the patient where they need to go."

Lundy said EMS also will be responsible for thousands of people who will be waiting in their cars to get to the course.

A medical motorcycle will respond to accidents or any other medical problem.

"We'll send the medic with the motorcycle with the police officer out first to see exactly what they need," Lundy explained. "That way we don't put a large ambulance and a large fire truck that will halt traffic and make it worse than it already is."

Lundy said some of the 17 new paramedics on board will work the golf tournament.

He said EMS will have no problem covering other stations around Charleston County.

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