Charleston Co. voter wants councilwoman off November ballot

Voter sues councilwoman

"Dirty politics," that's what a Charleston County councilwoman says about a lawsuit filed against her.

Colleen Condon didn't know about the lawsuit until Thursday morning, when Reporter Deja Knight told her. The voter suing Condon, Jennifer Cull, wants her off the November ballot.  The lawsuit claims Condon hasn't filed a "current" statement of economic interest since 2009.

Condon says her economic interest statement is current, because it hasn't changed since 2009. She adds this lawsuit is all about dirty politics on county council.

"Trying to keep me off the ballot instead of letting the voters chose who goes on the ballot for district 7. This is dirty politics at its worst. The public is tired of more and more lawsuits that is preventing voters from deciding who should be representing them," said Condon.

According to state law, even if nothing has changed public officials still have to file paperwork saying nothing has changed. That deadline is April 15th.

Condon paid $100 for missing that deadline when she filed statements of economic interest from the last 2 years in May.

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