Authorities: Inmate threatens public official for the second time this week

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - For the second time this week, an inmate at the Charleston County Detention Center is accused of threatening the life of a public official.

It was a very familiar scene on Friday in Charleston County bond court.

Just days after admitting to sending a threatening letter to 9th Circuit Assistant Solicitor Amy Harrell, Kashif Washington appeared in front of the same judge to answer for a similar letter sent to 9th Circuit Judge Markley Dennis.

But before the bond hearing got underway, Washington had his own questions about the media attention he's been getting.

"Why am I continuing to be on the news so much?" Washington asked.

"Because people think it serious when you threaten the life of a solicitor or a judge, that's why," responded the judge in court on Friday.

Officials say Washington penned the most recent letter because he was angry with Judge Dennis for the handling of an unrelated court case.

In the letter to Solicitor Scarlet Wilson, Washington says: "I am writing you again to inform you that I am going to kill Judge Markley Dennis as well. He was the one that gave me four years, so yes, I want to kill him as well."

Washington is charged with threatening the life of a public official. He was given another $500,000 bond and ordered to have no contact with Judge Dennis.

Washington was originally in jail on charges of property crime enhancement.

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