Teenager battles 6 ft. bull shark on Folly Beach pier

Teenager battles 6 ft. bull shark on Folly Beach pier

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - A relaxing day of fishing at the Folly Beach Pier turned into a workout for a young man when he wrestled with a catch that was bigger than him.

It was a battle that 14-year-old Dillon Kroll will not soon forget.

The Mt. Pleasant high schooler was fishing over the weekend on the Folly Beach Pier when a Bull Shark hooked itself on a line nearby.

"I was sitting there catching lots of little fish," said Kroll. "I saw this other guys fishing rod go off and it looked pretty big. He offered me the rod, so I said sure and started fighting it."

A family friend said Kroll spent an hour and six minutes trying to reel in the shark before it snapped the line.

"It was like fighting back and forth," said the teenager.

When the shark finally surfaced, fishermen on the pier say it looked to be at least 6-feet long and about 180 pounds.

"I got to see one little glimpse," said Kroll. "I put my head over the rail and he was gone."

But a video taken by Kroll's mother, Helen, captures the whole struggle.

The video shows a crowd of spectators gathering around Kroll and congratulating him on his effort after the line snapped. One man can be heard telling the young angler, "That counts as a release."

"That was my biggest fish ever," an exhausted Kroll said moments after the shark got away. Even though the 14 year old says reeling in the shark was challenging, he said he's ready to cast off again.

"I want to live it again and again," said Kroll. "It's awesome."

South Carolina's Department of Natural Resources say bull sharks can grow up eight or nine feet long and they're pretty common in warm waters of the coast.

Biologists label bull sharks as potentially dangerous because of their aggressive behavior.

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