Residents voice concern after stray dogs maul cats to death

Residents voice concern after stray dogs maul cats to death

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - A pack of stray dogs has been on the loose in James Island neighborhoods, and neighbors say that pack is killing or hurting their beloved cats. We've heard of reports taking place in the Lynwood neighborhood off Secessionville Road and Bayview Farms subdivision.

Junior, the tabby cat's owner, says he appears devastated after losing his friend Gracie.

"He doesn't like wandering off. He knows something bad happened to our other cat. My mom walked two streets down and found our cat dead in a driveway," Jessica Thompson said.

Thompson believes her cat Gracie was mauled to death by a pack of wild dogs.

Charleston Police and the County Sheriff's Office have received multiple reports about stray dogs in the Lynwood neighborhood. In addition to two cats that died after dog attacks, residents say other cats have been injured.

One resident tells me he's seen the strays roaming the area, and they were big, dark colored dogs. He says these dogs are even knocking down trash cans in search of food.

People say they are keeping their furry loved ones inside, especially at night and early morning, when these strays have been known to strike.

"I know our pets are kind of like family for us, bad kids sometimes. But if somebody's losing a pet because of stray dogs attacking, it is a concern," Resident Raymond Lloyd said.

Local veterinary clinics say they've seen many recent cases of injured cats, and they shared these safety tips:

-bring outdoor cats inside

-keep dogs confined

-bring your pet to the vet if injured

-do not approach stray dogs

-contact animal control if you see strays

The Sheriff's Office says animal control has trapped one stray dog so far this week. They will be placing more traps around the area to catch these wild animals.

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