SPA: Port of Charleston security guard jumps into truck, punches driver

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The State Ports Authority says a security guard was arrested and fired after he jumped into a truck and punched the driver at the Wando Terminal.

Authorities charged Jackie Williams with simple assault following the Thursday afternoon incident.

An SC State Port Authority police officer says he was inside the Wando Terminal gate house working on a report, when he heard a disturbance outside. When the officer went to check it out, he said he saw Williams and the victim yelling profanities at one another.

The officer said he told the men several times to stop arguing and attempted to get Williams to leave the area. A police report states that Williams said an expletive, opened the door to the victim's truck, jumped inside and punched the victim in the head causing him to fall to the floor of the truck.

The police officer said the victim attempted to fight back by hitting Williams on the arm with a flashlight, but Williams continued to fight as the officer attempted to pull Williams off the victim.

During this time, authorities say the officer turned the truck off because both men were pressing onto the shifter causing the gears to grind. The officer then called for backup and attempted to separate the men again.

According to authorities, when the officer said he was going to use pepper spray, Williams still continued to strike the victim. When the officer said for the second time that he was going to use the spray again and put the can in front of Williams' face, Williams stopped attacking the victim, police say.

Williams was then ordered to go inside of the gate house, not to move, and was later arrested.

The victim had a bloody finger and the side of his face was a little swollen. Emergency crews transported him to a local hospital where he was treated and released.

Officials say Williams has been fired from the SPA, was not a credentialed officer and did not carry a gun.

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