More patrols after feral pack continues cat maulings

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Christy Price was awakened early Thursday morning by the sound of dogs barking.  She soon realized the dogs were a part of feral pack roaming James Island recently.

"I called 911 and made sure my kitties came inside, and I saw that there might be an animal in the grass," she says.

The pack of up to 12 dogs had killed a stray cat Christy would feed.  There have been several other cats mauled by the dogs, too, in the Lynwood neighborhood over the past two weeks.

"One of the things we're doing to address the issue is to monitor the areas where they might be seen and then setting out traps in those locations, Major James Brady of the Charleston County Sheriff's Office says.

One of those traps set in a wooded area off Ben Rd. had captured one of the wild dogs on Thursday morning.

Another dog was trapped on August 8th.  Both were taken to the Charleston Animal Society, where animal experts performed a battery of tests to determine the dangerousness of each dog.

"They're completely unsocialized," Veterinarian Sarah Boyd says.  "They can't be handled.  Dogs that are feral have reverted to their wild instincts because they haven't been socialized, so there's no way these dogs can be placed [into adoption] and they must be humanely euthanized."

The first dog has since been euthanized.

Though the pack of dogs has thinned, Price says she's still worried the animals might soon attack a person.

"It's going to be dark at night soon and there's going to be children out playing," she says.

Major Brady says the Sheriff's Office will conduct additional patrols in that area to help ease concerns.