Lottery tickets cash-in land suspected burglars behind bars

Charleston Police say a man with a knife tried to steal two containers of laundry detergent from a pharmacy.
Charleston Police say a man with a knife tried to steal two containers of laundry detergent from a pharmacy.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Investigators say three people were arrested in connection to a North Charleston store burglary after stolen lottery tickets were cashed in at a gas station.

The North Charleston Police Department charged 38-year-old Derrick Lamont Felder and 55-year-old Rickie Angeline Miller with second-degree burglary. Wilbur Lovan Hooks, 44, was charged with violation of the South Carolina Lottery Act.

On Thursday morning around 9:49 a.m., police responded to the Neighbor Store on 1740 East Montague Ave. in reference to a burglary.

The owner said when she opened the store that morning, she noticed that the safe had been opened and $400 was missing. According to the owner, $150 in rolled coins was also missing from a plastic container underneath the cash register.

The owner said someone also stole condoms, cigarettes and $60 worth of lottery tickets. According to the owner, the thief had entered the store through the roof and air conditioning unit.

Video surveillance showed that a man was seen inside the store taking merchandise and placing them into a plastic bag and leaving the business. An outside surveillance camera showed two other suspects as look outs.

The South Carolina Lottery Commission contacted police that afternoon after some of the stolen lottery tickets were used at the Exxon on 3700 Rivers Ave.

As officers were getting the surveillance video from the Exxon, one of the store clerks said she saw the suspect go to the Stay Over Lodge at 2070 McMillan Avenue where officers later found and arrested Miller.

Miller told officers that he was asked by a man to cash some lottery tickets.

Officers say they also looked through a trash can at the Stay Over Lodge and found a brown paper bag and empty coin wrappers. A police report states that on the bag was written "08/15/2012, $455" which police say was consistent with the coins stolen from the burglary.

Police say Miller and Hooks were staying at the hotel room and Felder was located at his home.

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