The SCEA: South Carolina Education Association

The SCEA Campaign for Public School Reform in South Carolina

Teachers care deeply about the success of every student. Our educational agenda puts students at the center of reform.

Let's make SC's system of teacher evaluation the most professional and effective in the nation. Ensuring student success in the fast-changing economy requires more from all of us. The best way for teachers to improve student learning is to take change of the teaching profession. Teachers are the educational experts because of their years of experience and education. They must have a real say on how they are evaluated and held responsible. Standardized testing has a role to play in education, but must be used to help students learn, not penalize them and their teachers.

If you agree, let SC Superintendent Zais know. Send him an email that says that says, "I like the idea of teachers having a real say on how they are evaluated. Standardized testing should help students learn, not hurt them and their teachers."


Vouchers and School Choice

Families want public school choice, not tax deductions for private school tuition.

During the 2013 legislative session, The SCEA is pursuing legislation that achieves three big reforms for our public schools:

1) make SC public school system the most choice-driven public school system in the nation;

2) make SC's system of teacher evaluation the most professional and effective in the nation and

3) make SC teacher salaries the most competitive in the Southeast.

In planning our strategy this summer, The SCEA asked Abacus Associates to survey South Carolinians to see which proposal had more support: 1) the governor's proposal supporting tax deductions for families choosing to send their children to private, religious, or home schools, or to public schools outside their district; or 2) The SCEA proposal which would provide families the opportunity to have public school choice within and across districts.

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