'Down with Brown' painted on Folly Beach boat

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - A message that reads "down with BROWN" was painted Friday morning on the side of the Folly Beach boat that sits along Folly Road. "Let us vote" is also painted on the boat.

The message could refer to Folly Beach Safety Police Chief Dennis Brown.

Folly Beach Public Safety has been involved in two controversies in recent months.

A Folly Beach police officer was suspended on August 23 after failing to arrest a sexual assault suspect while on the beach in June. Police say just a few hours later, the suspect assaulted a woman at an apartment complex on Folly Road.

A booze-driven brawl took place on the beach on Fourth of July involving at least seven suspects and five law enforcement officials. Police say they were hit with wiffleball bats and had beer poured on them.

Folly Beach council members later voted on a complete ban of alcohol on the beach, not allowing the Folly residents to vote on the ordinance in November.

Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin declined to comment on the message on Friday morning. When reached, Chief Brown said he "did not know who the message was referring to."

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