Three arrested after victims attacked at mall parking lot

RAW VIDEO: Three people arrested after victims attacked at mall parking lot
Charleston police responding after an alleged attack at the Citadel Mall's parking lot.
Charleston police responding after an alleged attack at the Citadel Mall's parking lot.

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office say four people were attacked at the Citadel Mall's parking lot by a group of boys, who were armed with a crowbar and other objects.

Investigators charged 18-year-old Corey-Gabe Renaldo, 17-year-old Taylin Greene and 46-year-old Sheryl-Gabe Fields with third-degree assault and battery.

On Monday afternoon, officers responded to a location on Hazelwood Drive in response to someone having a panic attack. When deputies arrived, the St. Andrews Fire Department and Charleston police were on scene.

The 20-year-old victim said she and three other people in her car were chased at the mall by a group of boys who were carrying crowbars and other weapons. The victim told authorities that the boys were hitting her car with crowbars and other objects.

An incident report states that as the victim was driving down Hazelwood Drive from Orleans Road, one of the suspects jumped in front of her car and hit the vehicle with a shovel. The victim said she then put the car in reverse to get out of the area, but backed into a Jeep.

Authorities say as the victims left their vehicle, seven males ran up to them.  The 20-year-old victim was then hit in the face with a crowbar and the rest of the suspects attacked the other victims, authorities report.

A witness told police that the suspects were also using a shovel and a tire iron to attack the victims. According to the witness, he saw several men and an older woman attacking the victims.

Investigators say Cory Gabe was identified as the suspect repeatedly kicking and punching the first victim and Taylin Greene was seen by a witness kicking and punching another one of the victims while the victim was down on the ground.

According to investigators, the older woman was identified as Sheryl Gabe, the mother of Corey Gabe, and the woman who was swinging a tire iron. The sheriff's office retrieved a jack handle, shovel, a 4-way lug wrench and a plastic bag of green leaf material from the scene.

A sheriff's office report states that the victim's car had a broken left tail light allegedly from a jack handle being thrown at it.

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