Dancing deputies direct DNC traffic

A sheriff's deputy "cuts the rug." (Source: WBTV)
A sheriff's deputy "cuts the rug." (Source: WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's no doubt traffic control can be one of the most boring jobs a law enforcement officer can face. But we found 4 deputies determined to bring a little pizzazz to the duty.

There are thousands of extra police in Charlotte for the Democratic Convention. 4 deputies from the Clayton County Sheriff's Office in Georgia, have turned into one of the most sought-after sights of the event.

In Uptown Charlotte, camera phones were rolling as the deputies performed the most entertaining traffic control routine you've probably ever seen. "None of us work traffic on a regular basis," said the Captain in charge of the group.

"The image of Charlotte is forever changing, and it's very positive," said a bystander who said he was from Sweden.

The deputies performed traffic control maneuvers with wild gestures instead of simple arm waving.

One routine involved a deputy mimicking the gesture of reeling in a fish as two people crossed the street towards him.

Another involved acting as the starting line judge for two bike taxi's as they started off after a light turned green.

What was even more unique about the scene though, every single person who crossed the street with the dancing deputies leading the way, was laughing.

Smiles could be seen down the street. "I think it's crazy but it's nice," said one woman who was recording the scene on her phone.

"They come up mad, but they leave laughing, so it kind of works out," said the Captain.

The Queen City is in the middle of what may be her crowning event. It was nice to see people stopping to enjoy the extra gem.

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